best products to promote as an affiliate

Finding The Best Products To Promote As An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to get started in online business. But finding the right products to promote can be a challenge, especially when you consider the amount of choice we now have when it comes to affiliate programs.

With affiliate marketing you want to find products that you can relate to. Products that you have a vested interest in yourself. Maintaining this approach on your search for the best products to promote will ensure that you pick the affiliate program that suits you most.

Let me give you an example. Bengu Marketing offers an affiliate program that specialises in empowering people with digital skills and helping them start a profitable online business. If you own a blog about cats, promoting Bengu Marketing won’t fit with your audience.

Congruency is key to success with affiliate marketing.

Another thing to consider when deciding on which affiliate program to sign up with is the commission rates. The top affiliate programs offer high end commissions that can pay handsomely for products referrals that you make. If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing, you want to do your research and pick your product first before buying a domain.

The reason for doing this is that your domain name will probably be related to the niche you pick. This is really simple stuff, but you’d be surprised how many people buy their domain name first before even picking an niche!

Physical Or Digital Products?

I’m going to be direct with you here and say that you need to stick with digital products. Digital products are hands-down more profitable than physical products. As a result of this, the commission rates you get for physical products are always going to be less than digital ones.

Clickbank is a great resource for digital products you can promote as an affiliate. You’ll find that some of the commission rates are up to 70%! They have thousands of products to promote in almost every niche. When it comes to picking a product from Clickbank, you want to sort the products by most popular and do your research into each one thoroughly before making your decision. Check the merchants landing pages and see what other affiliates and customers have to say about their products. The last thing you want to do is promote something that isn’t awesome.

Companies like clickbank are affiliate networks that act as the middle man between the affiliate and the merchant. They handle things like your tracking and payments for the affiliate. Affiliate networks get paid a small percentage of each sale the affiliate makes. This small amount is deducted from the merchant side and the terms of this are agreed when the merchant initially signs up with the affiliate network.

tips for success in your online business

Tips For Success In Your Online Business

If you found yourself on this blog, you’re probably trying to sell products or services online and looking for the key to making your online business a success. If you’re not at that stage yet but you’re looking to start an online business, check out this list of online business ideas from Bengu Marketing.

There are two success secrets that separate the winners from the losers. Master these two things and you will start moving forward; slowly at first, then as the momentum builds you will be unstoppable.

Take Massive Action for Your Business. Everyday hopeful entrepreneurs are buying training courses, learning from gurus, finding ways to live the dream. But no matter how much inspiring advice you soak in, and no matter how successful your online mentors are… you need to do something with the advice that is given to you.

Most of the people looking for “business opportunity” products are the dreamers who live for the dream but are not willing to make it their reality. This is not supposed to be a harsh statement. It is actually difficult for people to exit their “learning mode” and actually implement the amazing advice being received.

Whether you’re in E-commerce, online consulting, or affiliate marketing; most of your actions will involve creating content, creating campaigns, or delivering services. The best method is to create plan, it could be for the day, or week, but create a long list of your ideas and tasks that need to be implemented. The point of this is to create a system that helps you know what you need to do next, while reminding you of time management to accomplish the rest of the tasks on the list.

Make a daily habit of two hours of action on your biggest goal. You will be surprised at how quickly you start making progress in your business. Once you develop a habit of training your mind to work for an hour a day, you will find that taking action gets easier as well as creating a sense of accomplishment and the desire to actually do more.

If you are stuck in the future and drawn towards the success that you can achieve with your online business, then dissect that bigger picture. Narrow that big picture down and ask yourself “What are the steps I need to take to reach this goal?” The answer to this might mean writing five blog posts a day, or creating ad groups for you PPC, etc. Once you start this daily plan on how to achieve your end result, you will realize that the tasks are a lot simpler than what you made it up to be in your head. To get to your big goal, there are smaller steps that need to be taken. So start taking them. It is that simple.

Realize Your Unique Ability. When looking for training, mentors, articles, or advice online on how to create a successful internet business, we get so caught up in their journey to success that we forget our own unique abilities and purpose. Every successful person does not have the same journey or certain emails they sent, or landing pages they used. The similarities of these successful entrepreneurs is that they made a plan, took action and understood their unique abilities as individuals.

You have a unique view of your market’s problems. You have a unique set of techniques and skills to solve these problems in different ways. At times we get scared to do something that no one else has done, or take a different route, but that could be your own personal goldmine. Share your unique perspective and share that in your industry. There will always be thousands of people who know more than you. Acknowledge that and move forward with the resources you have. All you need is a plan and to take action. If there are things in your business model that you don’t know how to do, there are people who are experts in it with the lack of knowledge of your skills that they need.

To create a successful online business, take a few hours of action every day towards your biggest goal, then just like that, you will be on your way to your own unique journey of success.

create a compelling call to action

How To Create A Compelling Call To Action

Lots of times, when marketers want to make a big impact on their marketing, the focus on dramatically transforming big projects like new campaigns, new offers, or website redesign.

While big projects can influence your marketing efforts, smaller tweaks can often create the biggest impact. One of the smallest changes that you can implement is call-to-action revisions. There are a number of statistics showing astronomical increases in conversion rates from a simple copy change, size, or color changes.

So if you only have a small amount of time for optimization, revamping your out-of-date call to action is the way to go. Here is a simple outline of the crucial components of call-to-actions to be sure you aren’t forgetting any elements.

Use Action Oriented Words And Keeping It Congruent 

When designing call-to-actions, using verbs like “discover” or “leverage” in a simple and short template. Using short and inspiring language empowers your readers to click your CTA while keeping it effective and concise.

You should also be calling the offer the same thing on the landing page and the call-to-action. For example, if you mention that you are offering a free 30 day trial of your education course, you shouldn’t call it free 30 day video series on the call-to-action.

It is extremely important to be congruent through your whole landing pages. You want your prospect to avoid experiencing any confusion in the details of your landing page.

Explain The Value of Your Offer

The call to action that you create is unique to your company, it is your offer that you are trying to encourage people that they need. An offer that will somehow positively impact their life. When a prospect is viewing your page and your offer, they are quickly contemplating if it is worth them investing their time in, or deciding if it is worth putting their information in for.

Either way, you have to reassure their suspicions by explaining the benefits of clicking the call-to-action. It’s important to make the benefit of clicking your CTA extremely clear. On the CTA, give a description that eliminates their suspicions on what they think they will receive. Explain that your eBook or free trial will help them overcome their fear of public speaking, will give a step-by-step process on how to create a successful online business. Regardless of what you are offering, there should be a description on what will happen when they click that button.

Creating A Sense of Urgency 

To keep your prospects focused on your call-to-action, you want to create a sense of urgency telling them to do something right now. Another tactic is adding a timer on your limited time offer, or even promoting an offer that helps them achieve their desired goal in a short amount of time.

Size and Color

The most obvious way to make someone notice something is to make it big!

When a prospect is on your landing page, you want to make sure they have no chance they might miss the CTA. The exact size is something to consider split testing, but when creating it, making is subtle is not going to help increase conversions.

Another way to make sure your prospects eyes are naturally inclined to look at your CTA is by making a highly contrasting design. Most companies are afraid to add a color that isn’t a part of their branding, but if it matches your site, it has a high possibility of blending in. You want to make your call to action a color that clashes with the rest of your site to “pop “.

Clickable Buttons

By adding a shadow or some sort of shading behind the button will create the illusion that it is popping out which will encourage prospects to click the button to create a functional CTA. Just as a review from your elementary school, complementary colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel and provides the highest amount of contrast, so take a look at your website and the color wheel and decide which color your CTA should be.


The placement of your CTA is just as important as the size, so if you put your call-to-action in a place that your prospect won’t naturally look, then the conversions will be lower than they should. The most effective place for your CTA to be located is above the fold to make sure it is on their screen without them scrolling through the landing page.

It is important to have your CTAs in multiple positions throughout your landing page in case your prospect decides to navigate through it. If you have multiple call-to-actions, you will want to keep it uncluttered around the button on a background that helps the CTA stand out.

There are many statistics on different call-to-action effectiveness, but each company’s audience will respond differently to what you’re offering, the feelings your industry encourages etc. But when revamping your CTA to increase conversions, always give them a good A/B test to really understand what your audience specifically reacts well to.

The Most Important Things To Know About SEO

New to SEO? This is a simple guide that provides solid information you need to get on track with professional quality Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a marketing tactic based on growing visibly in organic search engine results (non-paid). The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. There are many different strategies to rank organically including words on your pages, structure of your website, or the way other websites link to you on the web.

It is 2017 and search engines are getting extremely smart and better at determining if websites are going to be valuable for users and understanding if they contain meaningful content.

With billions of people searching on the web, your business can benefit tremendously by being seen by people searching for terms related to your industry. The way to benefit from all of these potential prospects is through Search Engine Optimization.

Some of The Factors That Will Influence Your SEO

  • Your site should be optimized for mobile search

Now that mobile searches are higher than ever, mobile optimization is a key factor in search engine ranking

  • Pages perceived value and relevance

When doing research, focus on relevant topics and themes where you can build your content. Keywords alone do not have as much power as it did before. Understand what prospects are searching for and what they expect to see from these searches.

  • Clear and understandable layout

It is important that the visitors on your page are not confused on the layout of your website. It is important that you keep your website professional and easy to navigate.

Does My Website Need SEO?

The majority of website traffic is found through search engines like Google and Bing. The amazing thing about SEO is that it targets the traffic that is looking for what you have to offer. No matter what industry you are in, there are probably millions searching for topics related to your company, and SEO is a great tool to use because it put people right in front of your company when they want you most.

What are the Steps to Start Ranking?

Pick the keyword or phrase you want your page to show up for. Before choosing the first and most obvious thing that comes to mind, use Google Keyword Planner, a free tool that will show you how many people are searching for specific phrases or keywords every month. You will want to aim for the highest searched combination of words.

Then you will need to do some research on your competition. The most accurate method to do this is simply by using a private browser to search the keyword or phrase that you will be using and look at the top 10 organic posts. That is your competition.

The next step is creating amazing content that is more creative and more helpful for prospects compared to your competition. This could be a landing page with an amazing offer, a long and captivating blog post, or even just a homepage. It just need to be better and more helpful than the rest.

Make sure that when you’re creating the page that you are ranking for, that it is relevant to your keyword and mentions it in your page title. Every one of your competitors will have the keyword in their title, so you need to make it interesting enough to make your prospects want to click on your website.

Building links to your website, internally and externally. Internal links are links from your own website to direct prospects to the page(s) you want to promote in your own website. It’s important that your best SEO content is linked to every page in your website. Building external links is the most powerful way to rank in search engines. This is when other websites mention you. The way to do this is by reaching out to other website owners and asking them to link to your website.

SEO can get extremely technical and it may take a while to master every aspect of its complex nature, but starting with these simple steps and tips will help you stay ahead of competition as well as noticing a significant increase in traffic.

construct an effective sales email

How To Construct An Effective Sales Email

Today’s online marketers are making email marketing a top priority in their businesses because when it comes to making sure your prospect sees your message, email marketing is the number one way to go.

First, let’s start off with understanding why email marketing is so important.

When a prospect signs up to receive emails from your company, they are directly telling you that they are interested in what your company has to offer.

Email marketing is a way to build, and nurture relationships with prospects and continuously pitch your products and services as your list grows, with higher conversion rates than any other channel.

The First Step: Subject line 

A few tips are:

Keep it short and captivating.

A/B testing your subject lines to a 100 recipients and choose which line yields a higher open rate to use on the rest of your list.

Avoid “spam words like: complimentary, sale, specials, exciting, or solution.

Step Two: The Opening Line 

It is common for people to start off with opening lines that introduce themselves… avoid doing that.

Start your email talking about them to grab their attention like: “I noticed you…” or “Saw that we both”

Step Three: Body Copy

The body copy should have a goal of connecting your company, to your prospect.

It is important to understand that you are talking to a real human, as well as remembering to write in a tone that makes the reader feel like you are a real person.

Know your audience and speak directly to their interests and what they expect from you. The person receiving your email cares about what benefits they receive from your product, not its features. So instead of talking about how many more leads you can help a business receive, you should instead mention how many more people’s lives they can change by gaining more clients.

Step Four: The Closing

Readers tend to remember and respond to only what is in the end of an email if they have read all the way through the whole thing. This means that offering a call-to-action in the end of your email is crucial to better conversions. Emails with great selling points in the closing avoids prospects forgetting what you wanted in the first place.

Call-to-actions in the end of an email is another great thing to split test so you can check what your prospects respond best to.

The closing should also include further inquiry. The importance of further contact is extremely important so you should be more directive around this section of your email.

Giving the prospect an exact phone number or directions to reply to the email is a great practice in reassuring them that having any questions is encouraged.

Hopefully these tips make your email marketing process easy and effective.

After testing different templates for your prospects, you will quickly notice what your audience reacts well to.

what is online marketing

What Is Online Marketing?

For someone who is new to online marketing, there is an overwhelming amount of information available. It’s pretty easy to get confused about what it actually is and how it works. Technology is moving at a rapid pace and there are new things coming out all the time. It can be hard for those of us that aren’t technically inclined to keep up!

What is online marketing? 

Online marketing is the way companies get their products and services in front of people on the internet. The official definition according to Techopedia is “Online marketing refers to a set of powerful tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the Internet. Online marketing includes a wider range of marketing elements than traditional business marketing due to the extra channels and marketing mechanisms available on the Internet.”

Online marketing is also referred to as digital marketing, web marketing and internet marketing. You’ve probably heard these terms or seen them written somewhere at some point in time.

Online marketing is now the life-blood of most businesses. Even traditional high-street businesses have adapted to marketing their products online to keep up with the internet giants. The businesses that choose not to adapt and move with the flow of technology get left behind. The internet has given businesses the opportunity to market their products to a global audience. Something that has increased the growth and revenue potential exponentially for every company out there.

Benefits of online marketing:

Online marketing has a plethora of benefits for businesses and for consumers.

Growth potential – Each business that implements effective online marketing strategies and creates an online presence has almost unlimited growth potential.

Reduced expenses – Having an online business has much lower overhead costs compared to traditional high street businesses. You don’t need to pay for shop floor/office space or employ staff. Reduced expenses increase your profit margins in a big way.

Better control – Online marketing provides complete control over what you’re putting out there. You’re able to track every element of your marketing strategy and use data-driven techniques to maximise the effectiveness of your advertising strategies. This is in complete contrast to traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper ads, flyers and direct mail marketing, where you were practically throwing things at a wall to see what sticks.

Improved customer experience – When you have an online presence, your ability to improve customer service is fully in your control. You can have a small customer service team that quickly and efficiently deals with any queries that customers may have. You’re also able to streamline the process of ordering items through e-commerce. Your customers will appreciate being able to order things by pressing a few buttons. Many people don’t want to leave the comfort of their own home to get something.

Competitive advantage – Implementing an effective online marketing strategy will give you a big advantage over your competition. If your message connects well with your audience, you can expect to see some crazy results coming from your marketing efforts.

Online marketing is a great way to grow your business, increase brand awareness and sell products. It’s never been easier to implement an online marketing strategy, the tools and technologies we have available to us no longer require technical knowhow or knowledge to operate.